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We provide service to support various business sectors by handling IT projects to implement customized ERP software and web application to fulfill every client needs. Apart from that, we provide after sales services to ensure our clients receive the best service satisfaction from us. We provide total IT and Business Solution to our clients to enrich their businesses with suitable IT supports. XYTRON products and services are listed below:

Hardware Preventive Maintenance and Remedial Services

We do understand that Preventive Maintenance is so crucial to make sure our client business running in a smooth order. We even have ongoing IT hardware maintenance plan whereby we will provide comprehensive hardware preventive maintenance and remedial services to let our client problem free.

Software Implementation and Support Service

We always work together with our client to ensure our IT solutions match their business requirement. The system implementation process is involving the changeover of system from the existing system to our new system. We also provide data migration from the existing system to our new system in condition that we can access to the existing system data and the data contains the necessary information for the migration. We will continue to provide system support services to our clients in order to let them understand the whole system work flow and work efficiently.

IT Consultancy

We are the one stop solution provider whereby clients always can find all the solutions relating to IT in XYTRON. XYTRON provides solutions related IT problems and give our clients the best services and solutions.

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