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We provide products and services to support various business sectors by handling IT projects to implement customized ERP software and web application to fulfill every client needs. Apart from that, we provide after sales services to ensure our clients receive the best service satisfaction from us. We provide total IT and Business Solution to our clients to enrich their businesses with suitable IT supports. XYTRON products and services are listed below:

ERP System

Customised Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in an integrated computer-based application used to manage internal and external resources to integrate and operate in real time. We do understand that each business sector has their unique way to manage their business to be more efficient and this is where ERP is customised based on client business requirements to help them become more efficient and competitive.

Genuine Licensed Software Product

In supporting our government in protecting Copyright, we supply and support wide range of Genuine Licensed Software Product to cater our client needs.


We are specialized in Point of Sales (POS) Peripherals and provide Total POS system solutions for automating retail businesses. We supply a cashier drawer, POS printer, programmable keyboard, Integrated Touch Screen Computer, barcode scanner and printer, Cashier Paper Roll and all other POS related peripherals.


We provide a wide range of networking and CCTV solutions ranging from VPN, high performance Wireless Network and high quality CCTV solutions.

Online Human Resource Management System

Online Human Resource Management System is an web based user-friendly system that helps human resource staff in calculating payroll and reducing human errors. Our system is fully integrated with Anviz Face Scan or Finger Print Attendance System to auto calculate attendance, overtime, deduction for late and salary. Employee Self Service enables employees to download their own payslip and apply for their own leave.

Online Booking System

Save time spent on coordinating booking over phone and email with an all-in-one appointment booking software. Accept online bookings 24×7, online payments, business management, marketing, and more! 

Exia Call Monitoring System

Most of the organizations are facing problems in analyzing their huge phone bill every month. With Exia Call Monitoring System, organisations can analyse each extension call out number and duration which will help better monitor their own staff performance and productivity. Exia Call Monitoring System is an integrated-software for all the PABX office solutions and the system is fully compatible with most of the PABX brands available in the market. 

Online & Handphone Application

Thanks to nowadays emerging broadband technology that allows us to provide our clients online and Handphone applications whereby they can access all the information they want from anywhere and anytime. This is very crucial to certain industries to monitor and analyse their real time sales and stock level in order to make better forecasts for management decisions.

Corporate Email Solutions

Enhance business image by having a professional e-mail address. Instead of using free webmail, a business entity should have their own domain extension to reflect a higher professionalism and legitimacy on their business operation. This directly increases customer’s confidence and improves your company’s reputation.


Virus is a very common term in today’s IT age and virus always creates a lot of problems ranging from data loss to failure in booting operating platforms. This is why we always propose to our clients to purchase good and reliable licensed antivirus software from us to install in their business computer to prevent all the virus attacks.

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